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The Future of Skin Care Products – Natural Meets Synthetic

Synergio Itamar Levy for Happi Modern day skin care is a far cry from the products introduced in 18th and 19th Century Europe. What began as pungent, botanically-derived cleansers with unpleasant textures, inconsistent viscosity, and short shelf life, have transformed into a multibillion-dollar industry with products targeting a multitude of needs and catering to consumers worldwide—all courtesy of the synthetic revolution.

3 Common Autumn Skin Complaints and How to Fix Them

Who doesn’t love Autumn? Isn’t it all so enjoyable? The colorful changing leaves, the perfect weather, and the dry skin. Dry skin? Yes, we said it! Autumn is all fun and games until your body catches up with the changing seasons, only to realize that hydrating summer air is all over.

Is a Sulfur Bar Soap Right for You?

Whether you are 16 or 60 years old, we all deal with a blemish here and there. You are never too old or too young for a breakout, and if you are like the 50 – 70% of people with skin sensitivity, sulfur (yes, that smelly stuff!) may be the right option for you.

3 Sustainable Packaging Trends

Global Cosmetic Industry Consumers care just as much about packaging as they do what’s inside the container. In line with keeping the planet as a priority and eliminating unnecessary waste, beauty brands are finding innovative ways to produce makeup, skin care and personal care products housed in Earth-friendly designs.

Charcoal for Skincare: Just the Facts

If you’ve browsed the skin and personal care aisles anytime within the last few years, you may have noticed a particular is ingredient trending. Charcoal has been making waves in the cosmetic and skincare community, but why?

Bar Soap vs. Beauty Bar: What is the Difference?

Are you confused about soap? Don’t worry. You aren’t the only one. When it comes to keeping clean, is there a difference between a bar of soap and a beauty bar? The simple answer is yes, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Let’s Talk About Sweat, Baby: The Top All-Natural, Odor-Fighting Skincare Ingredients

We are smack dab in the middle of summer, and let’s face it: some of us stink. Those hot and humid days can be a struggle! Our bodies are working overtime to keep us cool through the process of sweating. But sweat doesn’t have to mean stink

7 Beauty Benefits of Organic Lemongrass Essential Oils

Garnier The aromatic tropical plant lemongrass is native to India and, despite its name, isn’t actually related in any way to the citrus family. This fresh and fruity lemon-scented organic essential oil is a powerful extract that can be put to good use for plenty of beauty purposes.

Introducing Our New Laundry Bar for Stain Removal

Forget the spray bottles, powders, and push pens. Bradford is re-innovating the laundry stain remover! The newest edition of our ever-evolving line of products is our Lavender Laundry Bar for stain removal. Although we don’t see many solid bars for laundry on the market today, it is a very classic idea.

The Rise of Solid Shampoo

Consider all the reasons bar soap is back on the rise. Now think about your shampoo and conditioner. Whether you are a lifelong bar soap user or just made the switch from bottled body wash, why not take your zero-waste journey one step further?

Argan Oil for Skin Health

Healthline Argan oil is made from the kernels that grow on the argan trees native to Morocco. It’s most frequently sold as pure oil, which can be directly applied topically (directly to the skin) or ingested in order to provide several health benefits. It comes in supplement capsule form to be taken by mouth. It’s also commonly mixed into a number of cosmetic products like shampoos, soaps, and conditioners.

These Beauty Bars Will Help Fight Oily Summertime Skin

If you’re like most people in the summertime, you sweat. You may also have noticed that the more you sweat, the oilier your skin can become. This is because of a simple biological process meant to cool the body down.

How to Use a Kitchen Bar

If you’ve never heard of a kitchen bar, you aren’t the only one. Sustainability is an ever-important characteristic to consumers and removing unnecessary water from everyday products just makes sense. Inspired by our foundation of creating innovative personal care products using little to no water, Bradford decided it was time for something new. That’s why we’ve formulated our signature kitchen bar.

4 Reasons Why ‘Old Reliable’ Bar Soap is Making a Comeback

Way back before the advent of body wash and the mainstream use of plastic in nearly every consumer product, we used this handy little item to stay clean. It was called bar soap. Do you remember? If you think bar soap is too old school, or smells too much like what your grandma used to use, it is time to think again. Bar soap is making a comeback – and for a good reason.

Ingredient of the Year: Vitamin C

For decades, we have heard of the importance of vitamin C. Drink a glass of orange juice or take a supplement, and you’re good to go for the day. Right? Did you know that topical applications of the multi-beneficial vitamin are actually more effective when it comes to skincare than ingesting it?

Your Skin’s Microbiome: The Ultimate Protection

When you hear the word “bacteria,” what are the first things that come to mind? Germs? Ugly tiny organisms covering kitchen counters? If you are like most people, you’re likely drumming up poor imagery in your head. Believe it or not, bacteria get a horrible reputation.

Experiencing Eczema Due to Hand Sanitizer? Here’s What to Do

Vogue by Akili King If you’re like me and have eczema, you’re likely having a difficult time finding the right soap and hand sanitizer for sensitive skin, as constant handwashing and usage of alcohol-based products can be particularly drying. 

Why You Should Ditch Plastic Bottles, And Switch To Bar Soaps And Solid Skincare

Forbes by Katie Chung With so much extra time (and not to mention, less scheduled activities) on my hands, I’ve developed some good habits in the past few months. But one I never imagined? Making the switch over from plastic bottles to solid-based skincare and haircare. 

An Expanding Opportunity with Older Consumers

The senior segment of the US market is really growing. So what do seniors need when it comes to skin care?

A New Exotic Oil from Africa

In our on-going quest to find intriguing ingredients that provide ultimate moisturization, we discovered Mongongo Oil.                 

This Simple Shower Tweak Could Change The World

MBG Editorial by Emma Loewe - Bar soap might just be one of the most underrated beauty products out there. While nonbelievers label it "ineffective," "messy," or "too slippery," it's about to make a serious comeback—and for good reason.