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EcoEx™ Olive Oil Base

A soap base that prominently features one of the oldest, most efficacious beauty ingredients of all time.                 

4-in-1 Bar Whole Body Bar

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Shave - all in a bar that has great moisturization and lather. Perfect for the growing men’s market.                 

Why Soap Works

By Ferris Jabr, The New York Times
Everyone is telling you to wash your hands with soap to keep COVID-19 at bay. Are you wondering why something as simple as the soap has such a superpower against the coronavirus? Here are some answers...

Let’s Play with Clay!

Clay is by no means a new ingredient, but it is making its way back into our beauty routines.                 

DESIGNxRI Collaboration

Outstanding design with personal care expertise. Together with DESIGNxRI, Bradford is creating a pool of designers who are well versed in personal care materials and the capabilities of our manufacturing equipment and processes.

Anti-Aging Exfoliating Bar

Bradford’s Glycolic Bar is an effective anti-aging exfoliater.                 

Color-Change Poufs

Can’t decide between green or blue? Now you can have both colors!                 

2-in-1 Cleansing Scrub

Bradford has developed a 2-in-1 cleansing tool.                 

Pollution Defense Bar

In light of recent FDA scrutiny, is Pollution Defense the answer to anti-aging claims?                 

WaterClear™ Translucent Soap Base

Bradford’s crystal clear hot-pour soap formulation receives accolades from around the world. Find out why.                 

Sulfate-Free Formulation

Bradford has developed a sulfate-free soap base with luxurious lather and extra-moisturization.