SEEED Summit - Providence, RI RSS

Posted April 2016
The SEEED conference hosts over 600 attendees, and provides businesses with socially responsible skills and strategies they need to grow.

Bradford participated on a panel called Transforming For-Profit Business that included Carey Underwood, of King Arthur Flour; Harry Brigham, of CORCYL; and Deb McDonough representing Bradford. The session focused on how for-profit businesses can impact sustainable initiatives. Deb spoke of Bradford’s commitment to Palm Oil that is harvested from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations and on how doing good can translate to good business. Out of 12 panel discussions, the audience ranked Transforming a For-Profit Business with the second highest score.  It was a great day with some inspiring companies and intitiatives and some nice accolades for Bradford. For more information please visit