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Posted March 2016

Together with DESIGNxRI, Bradford is creating a pool of designers who are well versed in personal care materials and the capabilities of our manufacturing equipment and processes. We are also working with designers to make sure they have an understanding of the regulatory side of packaging layout and personal care claims.

DESIGNxRI is an organization whose mission is to spread awareness of Rhode Island’s amazing pool of design talent. With so many educational institutions based in Providence, including the prestigious RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), and with Rhode Island being home to a number of design firms, there are a lot of talented designers in the area.

Although many of our customers have designers on their staff, in today’s fast paced world it is not unusual for our customers to be in  need of additional design resources. Having a group of designers already trained in the nuances of personal care packaging, combined with a thorough understanding of Bradford’s manufacturing specifications, will be a great benefit to our customers and a great benefit to local designers.

This collaboration with DESIGNxRI adds another layer to the many value-added resources that Bradford offers to our clients, including custom formulations, market research and trend tracking.

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