Is The Men’s Market Still Growing? RSS

Posted March 2016

What Men Want   

Price, brand and scent are the top purchase drivers for men’s personal care products. When it comes to product performance, 36% of men say they are influenced by the benefits called out by a product, and 26% said they are influenced by the ingredients.
Overall, 63% of total consumers use bar soap, but bar soap usage skews more heavily toward men at 67% vs. 59% of women. The majority of men use traditional brands, with only 7% using natural and organic soap and shower products.
The most effective way to engage the male consumer is to address their age-related appearance issues, to communicate the ease of using a product, and to get someone they know to recommend the product. Surprisingly, product recommendations from athletes and celebrities are not as influential to men as recommendations from their peers or significant others. 
Multi-use applications and fragrance are important callouts when addressing men. Men’s products have a higher level of fragrance than those targeted to women. Men’s products tend to use citrus, green and woody fragrances. New trending fragrances include edible flavors such as apple, berry and coconut.
Function and simplicity are key attributes when targeting men:  

  • 64% of men are looking for 2-in-1 product benefits because it is all about convenience and ease-of-use. 

  • 81% of men are looking for products that have deodorizing properties.

  • 60% of men want intensely moisturizing benefits.

Millennial Male

The Millennial Male is a very important target market.  They are like most men in that they are interested in products that are deodorizing and antibacterial, yet very gentle. However, they differ in that they are most likely to purchase a product based on positive online reviews, and they are most likely to use multiple soap products in their shower.  

Over half of Millennial men say they prefer gender specific fragrances, but less than one-third of bar soaps on the market offer gender specific fragrance. This could be an interesting opportunity for Brands!   

Multi-Cultural Men’s Market

Asian, Hispanic and African-American men over-index in the use of personal care products versus the population as a whole. From a cultural perspective, grooming is very important to this demographic.

The so-called “ethnic” market is the fastest growing population segment in the US, which is proving to be very important in driving Brand growth. 
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