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Posted May 2016

Clay is by no means a new ingredient, but it is making its way back into our beauty routines. Clay benefits the skin in multiple ways. First and foremost, clay absorbs oil from your skin, draws out toxins and helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Clay is often used in facial masks – so the recent surge of facial mask offerings on the market is driving awareness of clay. According to The NPD Group, sales of clay products have grown over 50% during the past year as consumers seek out products that sooth and nurture the skin.

Three clays specifically recommended for bar soap formulations are Amazonian White Clay, Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay.

  •  Amazonian White Clay is a mineral rich clay harvested along the shores of the Amazon River. Used by Brazilian Indians to heal and protect their skin against insects and the elements, this clay is perfect for cleansing and hydrating the skin.

  • Bentonite Clay is created from volcanic ash. A large portion of Bentonite Clay is harvested in the state of Wyoming. It is grey-green in color and has been used for centuries to sooth and heal the skin.

  • Kaolin Clay is found all over the world – but it gets its name from China, where it was originally used in the making of porcelain. The clay comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, and pink – so it can also be used as a natural colorant in a bar soap formulation.The color of the clay can offer different benefits:

White Kaolin Clay is the gentlest – so it is perfect for sensitive dry skin. It softens the skin with super gentle bits of clay which also provide for a mild exfoliation.

Yellow Kaolin Clay is slightly more absorbent and exfoliating, but it still remains gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Red Kaolin Clay has the most absorbing powers of the bunch and is best for oily skin. This is a great addition for acne products for the face or body.

 Bradford has a full range of clay options, each with different skin care benefits, that we can incorporate into a bar soap formulation. For more information please contact info@bradfordsoap.com.