WaterClear™ Translucent Soap Base RSS

Posted September 2015

One benefit to Bradford’s 140 years of product development experience is that we have had plenty of time to perfect our formulations. One of our hot pour soap bases, WaterClear™, is a perfect example.

Known for its jewel-like tones and crystal clear appearance, WaterClear™ is the envy of soapmakers around the world – many of whom have tried to replicate it.

Some things of note:

WaterClear ™ is a perfect way to showcase fragrances. Because the base is virtually odor free, it highlights all of the notes of added fragrances without altering them.

• The high glycerin content of Bradford’s WaterClear™ base results in a bar that is extra-moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

WaterClear™ is also offered as an opaque formulation if that is preferred.

• The formulation lends itself to almost any shape – and custom molds for hot pour soap are relatively inexpensive.

 For more information, please contact info@bradfordsoap.com.