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Posted July 2017
Bradford Soap Delivers Showers and Soap to Save The Bay Swimmers
July 24, 2017 (West Warwick, RI) ­ - Swimmers in Save the Bay’s July 29 annual swim will accomplish an enormous feat, one that requires strength, endurance and skill. Five hundred-plus swimmers and 200 kayakers will attempt the 1.7-nautical-mile journey from Newport to Jamestown.  Although no doubt exhausted when they arrive on shore, they will know they have helped raise funds to save the bay.
Wouldn’t it be nice for them to rinse off salt and sand after their marathon swim?  Bradford Soap is coming to the rescue.
The West Warwick-based company is a leading sponsor of the event and is stationing two brand-new outdoor showers on site so that the swimmers can jump in and rinse off.    Each swimmer will also receive a bar of natural lavender soap, made in Rhode Island at Bradford’s West Warwick headquarters.  The soap is environmentally safe, naturally antibacterial, and is made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ palm oil, lavender essential oil, and shea butter. 
Bradford understands the importance of giving back and focusing on people and the environment. Stuart R. Benton, President and CEO of Bradford Soap said, “Bradford has been part of the Rhode Island community for over 140 years.  We know what a vital role the environment plays in the success of our state, the nation and the world.”  He continued,  “We are delighted to support Save the Bay with the annual swim, which highlights the need to protect, teach and inspire people to preserve Narragansett Bay as well as all waters on earth,” and he added, “As a manufacturer we have taken great strides to make sure that we are using sustainable ingredients and processes, to deliver green, sustainable and environmentally-safe products to brands in the beauty and health arena.”
One year ago, a study conducted by the University of Rhode Island reported that Narragansett Bay is cleaner than it has been in 150 years.  The swimmers and 200 kayakers in the Swim are helping to ensure that this trend continues.  By working with Save the Bay on this event and others, Bradford will be an important part of this effort.
About Bradford
Bradford is an innovative global resource for solid cleansing products. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bar soap and shower poufs. Bradford’s in-house market research department and broad customer base give us a unique, real-time understanding of industry trends. We offer turn-key solutions that include formulation, packaging, display and design services. Bradford’s state-of-the-art development laboratories provide custom product development and testing services.
Headquartered in Rhode Island, Bradford also has facilities in Indiana, California as well as a strategic partnership with a facility in Mexicali, Mexico.