Stuart R. Benton to Participate in AICPA Conference RSS

Session Title from CFO to CEO

Posted May 2017

Phoenix, AZ  May 3rd-5th - Each year the American Institute of CPA conferences gather industry-leading speakers who deliver timely and valuable information to attendees. As they grow internationally, AICPA and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) wish to bring that information to management accounting and finance users worldwide.

As part of the conference Stuart R. Benton will be delivering a speech on his transformation from CFO to CEO. CGMA is a limited curated selection of content from our conference sessions and webcasts. This resource provides international access to high-level content from recognized subject matter experts as well as continuing professional development opportunities to subscribers. AIPCA plans to include Stu's session CFO to CEO from the 2017 CFO Conference in the CGMA Vault as they believe that users worldwide will appreciate the content.