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Bradford is an innovation development company with manufacturing expertise focused on solid personal care. For over 145 years, we have helped brands create cutting-edge cleansing and personal care products that contain little or no water. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bar soap, and we offer a broad range of sustainable haircare, skincare, and body care products.

How We Do It

Our products boast clean ingredient lists, less packaging, and fewer preservatives than liquid alternatives.

Less Packaging
Less Packaging
Made with Less Water
Made with Less Water
Safe Ingredients
Safe Ingredients

Research + Innovation

It’s a complex world. Product launches require a partner that can help you navigate global requirements including regulatory documentation, testing, adherence to GMP standards and much more.

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Did You Know?

Our laboratories' color matching systems can match any product to a specific Pantone color using a research-grade scanning colorimeter that visually and mathematically captures the sample's color signature. It provides a permanent record for easy retrieval in quality control and quality assurance applications.



Vertical Integration + Manufacturing Expertise

Bradford is one of the few companies to manufacture both soap base and finished soap bars.

“It’s all in the Base!”

Once the soap base has been made, a maximum 5% of liquid additives can be incorporated into the formulation without significantly impacting process capability. That includes fragrance, color, essential oils, butters etc. Since Bradford's process starts with raw ingredients at the molten soap stage, our ability to incorporate large amounts of liquid additives into our formulations is virtually limitless. That means we can formulate a soap base with essential oils or butters as the primary ingredients.

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How to Get Started

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If you have an fully-developed brief or just a rough idea of a project, our Customer Experience team can guide you through the product development process. You will also be assigned a Project Manager They will connect all internal departments including R&D, the Applications Lab, Quality, and Production to ensure that we deliver a product that meets your development goals.