Services and Solutions

Our R&D team continually evaluates and tests the latest ingredients to learn how they can best integrate into your products. Bradford prides itself on achieving a host of industry firsts, ranging from our broad range of anhydrous products to unique soap bases, high-performance additive packages, and eye-catching aesthetics. We work closely with our customers throughout the development and manufacturing process to accomplish these results. The goal is to create unique formulations that stand apart at market and resonate with your customers.

When we couldn't find a consistent supply of identity-preserved palm oil, we created our own supply chain. We work with ingredient and packaging suppliers to bring us their greatest innovations first.

Whether building custom equipment to produce cutting-edge products or developing new technologies to improve existing product properties, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

Bradford's custom formulations are a crucial strength. They create value and differentiation for our customers and have propelled our growth in the industry. We develop custom formulations for the following platforms:

Solid Cleansing
Body Soaps, Facial Soaps, Shampoos, Shave, Makeup Removers, Brush Cleaners

Solid Personal Care
Natural Deodorants, Moisturizers, Shave Sticks, Beard Care,  Solid Fragrance

Bath Accessories
Shower and Bath Poufs

Solid Household Cleansing
Laundry Stain Removal, Solid Dish Soap

Vertical Integration = Custom Formulations

Our vertical integration, extensive knowledge of the personal care industry, and state-of-the-art Research and Development labs enable us to excel at unique and differentiating formulations.

Vegetable-Based Products
Bradford is unique in the market because of our ability to manufacture so many proprietary soap bases. Our kettle-based system can saponify exotic oils such as sweet almond, macadamia, grapeseed, avocado, and olive oil to maximize skincare benefits while retaining all of the natural glycerin from these oils.

Surfactant-Based Products
Our vertical integration in synthetic products allows us to leverage the latest technology in cleansing systems. This beneficial integration results in incredibly mild, highly effective, and cutting-edge formulations.

Green/Sustainable Products
Bradford has developed a full range of products that contain little or no water, emphasize sustainable sourcing, and include clean ingredients with an EWG rating of 3 or below. 


Bradford's Applied Research Laboratory mimics the production equipment in our factories with a full range of pilot-scale equipment. We can create samples that leverage the latest ingredients and technologies with the assurance that they can be easily replicated in a production environment.

Our cutting-edge laboratory information management system (LIMS) enables us to create and track all custom formulations. The LIMS software has been customized to integrate into Bradford's raw material management system and leverages that information to aid in formula costing, project control, and regulatory information tracking. The system is compatible with Oracle and complies with the Code of Federal Regulations, CFS111, for data logging.

Our Analytical Services Laboratories have an array of instruments to conduct a host of Analytical Labs analytical tests, including:

High-Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) - Determines the fatty acid distribution of tallow, coconut, palm, and specialty oils. These instruments also test the level of active ingredients in OTC drug products, including benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers (FTIR) - This test identifies raw materials based on the infrared spectra.

UV-Visible Spectrometers - Determines the color quality of tallow and vegetable oils to help control the final soap base color.

Karl Fisher Auto-Titrators - Determines the percent water in raw materials, soap bases, and finished products.
Other analytical capabilities include pH determination, acid-base titrations, specific gravity, and Lovibond color. Outside laboratories are used to conduct specialized analysis and microbiological testing.