Home Care & More

Solid format cleansers are increasingly popular as customer focus has shifted even more toward eco-friendly and sustainable options. Home care products are the perfect realm for these classic yet modern ideas.

With Lemon Peel Oil

This natural, vegan formulation is tough on grease and gentle on the environment.
No plastic bottles or left over product. Unlike liquids, the concentrated formulation
means no excess water.

Lavender Stain-Removing Formula

This bar proves your Grandmother does know best. Our laundry bar is excellent at
removing tough stains and oils, without harsh chemicals. This zero waste
formulation allows for targeted application and is gentle on the environment.

Gently Restores Brushes

Makeup build-up can harbor germs and stiffen brush bristles. This effective cleanser will remove stubborn residue and restore your brushes. Palm oil-free without plastic packaging, this formulation will become your next environmentally-friendly go-to.

With Moringa Oil and Grapeseed Oil

An effective cleanser that will remove stubborn makeup while remaining gentle on your skin. The moisturizing formula will unclog pores and leave your skin with a radiant shine. No more plastic containers or leaking tubes; this eco-friendly cleanser is one more way to remove plastic from your daily routine.  

Our Product &
Formulation Philosophy

For over 140 years, Bradford has excelled in the formulation and production of solid cleansing products focusing on bar soap. In 2017, we expanded our product offering to include a full range of personal care products that use less packaging, have a lower carbon footprint, and require little or no preservatives. Our formulations are created with sustainability as a core attribute. Whenever possible, we use sustainably-sourced ingredients with an EWG-rating less than 3. Bradford strives to achieve zero waste by donating residual soap from the production process to charities in the United States and globally.